Sermons on Kindness

joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden

Your Mother! God! and You!

We all have a Mom; it could be by birth, by adoption, via a “Mister” Mom, through a close friend or family member, etc. And what makes a mom a Mom is the love and care she provides to you, the lessons and principles she teaches you, and the person she is every day. Thank…

water pouring on clear glass mug

Your & Our Cup of Cold Water

As the days grow warmer, sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of water. Such a thing can restore your strength and clarity, but how many people do without this simple, often-for-granted pleasure (rather, essential provision)? Our God offers us the everlasting waters, that quench our thirst for eternity; are we, in turn,…

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GOOD God Almighty

The word “good” is used quite a bit. How are you? “Good.” How was your day? “Good.” How was your meal? “Good.” How did you sleep? “Good.” God is…? “Good?” God IS good. God is GOOD. He is the one good god. His creation is good. And his good creation is in us. Are we…

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Is It Well With Your Soul?

Is it well with your soul? Dean explores the substantiation of wellness and uses seven potential points of reference through his discussion: love, wishes/requests, spiritual appreciation, truth, joy, actions, and mentor(s). Take time to assess you (spiritual) health as you enjoy Dean’s lesson this week.

Overflowing Service

II CORINTHIANS 9:12-15 Our gifts of service must be overflowing in thanksgiving (v.12). How has your service supplied the needs of God’s people? How have others been blessed by your overflowing gift? People are praising God because of your service (v.13). How have you been proved faithful by your service? How do you feel about…

The Real Lord’s Prayer

JOHN 17 This is how Jesus prayed for Himself (v.1-5). For what purposes was Jesus praying for Himself? For what purposes should we be praying for ourselves? This is how Jesus prayed for His disciples (v.6-19). Why does Jesus choose to not pray for the world? Why pray for protection, unity, joy and sanctification? What…