A Better Hope Was Introduced

HEBREWS 7:18-25

  1. Any law system is incapable of making anything perfect (v.18-19).
    • What is the fault with any law system (8:8)?
    • What happens when we put our hope in any law system?
  2. A better hope was introduced with an oath (v.20-21).
    • What makes this oath in Psalm 110:4 even more impressive?
    • How does this oath increase your hope and your assurance?
  3. Our better hope has guaranteed a better covenant (v.22).
    • What happens to covenants that are made between imperfect people?
    • Why is it so much better to have our covenant with God guaranteed by His Son?
  4. Our better hope has received a permanent priesthood (v.23-24).
    • How does the mortality of human priests limit our hope?
    • How does the permanent priesthood of Jesus allow a better hope?
    • For what purpose does our hope continue?
  5. Our better hope continues to save us to the uttermost (v.25).
    • What all is included in saving us “to the uttermost?”
    • What do we know about those who are saved “to the uttermost?”
    • What assurance comes with the continuing intercession of Christ? (Romans 5:9-10)

Call to Action: To purposely and diligently draw near to Him who is our hope.


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