A Contagious Faith

II TIMOTHY 1:4-5; 3:14-15

  1. Timothy was infected with the contagious faith of his family (1:5).
    • How can grandmothers and mothers pass on their faith?
    • How well are we infecting others with our faith?
  2. The faith Timothy learned was an emotional faith (1:4).
    • Why is it important that our faith is also emotional (Galatians 5:6)?
    • What will help us to love in ways we should love?
    • How can we help others to love in ways they should love?
  3. The faith Timothy possessed was a growing faith (3:14).
    • Where all had Timothy learned his faith?
    • How well are we continuing in the things we have learned?
  4. Timothy’s faith was supported by a lifetime in the scriptures (3:15).
    • How diligently are we gaining saving wisdom from scripture?
    • What are we doing to encourage others to gain wisdom from scripture?
  5. We are called to appreciate and pass on a contagious faith (2:2).
    • What are our responsibilities with the contagious faith we have received?
    • How can we better infect others with our saving faith?

Call to Action: To be diligent in receiving and then sharing a contagious faith.


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