Are You Ready?

MATTHEW 25:1-13

  1. We have been chosen to participate in the celebration of the Bridegroom (v.1).
    • What does purity have to do with being in the presence of God?
    • How should we live differently when we consider the kingdom?
  2. We need to bring ‘extra oil’ for our lamps (v.2-6).
    • Why is it so important to have a reserve of ‘oil’ for our lamps?
    • When have you seen believers displaying a reserve of strength?
    • What do we need to be doing so that we have that reserve of strength?
  3. We must remember that the light is for the Bridegroom, not for us (v.7-9).
    • Why is it more important to bless the Bridegroom than to cover for others?
    • In what situations do we need to refuse to give away our strength?
  4. There will come a time when the door is shut (v.10-12).
    • Why do we need to be aware of the feeling of being outside the door?
    • When does Jesus refuse to ‘know’ people?
  5. We have been given the responsibility of being a continuing light (v.13).
    • What does ‘not knowing the day or the hour’ have to do with a reserve of strength?
    • How well are we keeping watch over our spiritual strength?

Call to Action: To grow in strength so that we can be a lasting light for Christ.


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