Arguing Reveals and Increases Pride

JOB 27:2-6

  1. Job, the most righteous man on earth, maintained his integrity (2:3).
    • Why is it a good thing for us to maintain our integrity?
    • What is the danger of focusing too much on maintaining our integrity? (27:5-6)
  2. Job’s three friends argued that he was being punished for his sin (11:14-15).
    • Why would they stoop to inventing sins for Job (22:5-11)?
    • What was wrong with the logic of Job’s three friends?
  3. As Job continues arguing, his pride is revealed and it increases (6:29).
    • How can we see the gradual increase of Job’s pride? (6:29; 23:4,10-12; 27:5-6; 29:11-17; 31:5-6, 35-37; 32:1-2)
    • What lessons should we learn as we see this progression?
  4. The arguing moves Job to focus more and more on himself (27:2-6).
    • How do Job’s words (27:2-6; 29:11-17) sound like the rich fool (Luke 12:16-19)?
    • What good reasons do we have for avoiding arguing (Philippians 2:14)?
  5. Eventually, Job’s pride dishonors God (31:35-37) and must be humbled.
    • Job’s pride was visible before this passage, but why is this one so bad?
    • As faithful Christians, what can we do to keep from being lifted up in pride?
    • What extra reasons do you have to avoid arguing?

Call to Action: To humbly walk away from opportunities to argue.


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