Delighting in Sharing the Message of Jesus

ACTS 26:24-29

  1. Non-Christians do not understand our joy in the message (v.24).
    • What message had Paul been sharing? (v.2-23)
    • What is it about the behavior of a Christian that bewilders others?
    • What devotion and delight in your life is puzzling to others?
  2. The message in which we delight is both true and serious (v.25).
    • Why would the message be less amazing if it were not true or serious?
    • What responsibility accompanies the serious nature of the message?
  3. Those with whom we share the message have some understanding (v.26).
    • Why is it important to start sharing the message from their reference point?
    • From what reference point will you share the message with your friends?
  4. The message we share persuades people to believe (v.27-28).
    • Why is belief and trust central to conversion?
    • How should we be persuading people to respond to the message?
  5. Those who share the message delight in all circumstances (v.29).
    • How could Paul, in chains, delight in sharing the message?
    • What will help us delight in sharing the message in our circumstances?

Lesson Aim: To absolutely delight in sharing the message of Jesus.


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