Developing a Heart That Will Not Be Silenced

ACTS 4:8-20

  1. We need to understand that everything good was done by Jesus (v.8-10).
    • How is all healing accomplished?
    • What will help you get to the point that you know this for sure?
  2. We need to understand that salvation is only found in Jesus (v.11-12).
    • What reasons did Peter have for saying this?
    • What reasons do we have for saying this?
    • How often and how boldly are we saying this?
  3. We need to spend more time with Jesus so others can see Him in us (v.13).
    • What was it about Peter and John that astonished the Jewish rulers?
    • How will we develop a boldness in Christ that astonishes others?
    • How much time are you spending with Jesus?
  4. We need to understand that Jesus’ miracles are undeniable (v.14-16).
    • How big of a problem is created for unbelievers because of Jesus’ obvious miracles?
    • What assurance is available for us because of Jesus’ obvious miracles?
  5. We need to know that speaking of Jesus is worth any cost of doing so (v.17-20).
    • How did Peter develop a heart that could not be silenced?
    • How are we going to develop a heart that cannot be silenced?

Call to Action: To grow in our devotion to Christ that we will not be silenced.


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