Drawn to Authentic Lives

  1. When Jesus was deeply distressed, He shared His heart (Mark 14:32-34).
    • Why would Jesus reveal such deep feelings with His disciples?
    • Why do we need to reveal our deep feelings with our brothers in Christ?
    • How does the authenticity of Jesus draw us to Him?
  2. When Jesus was filled with strong desires, He shared His heart (Luke 22:15).
    • Why would Jesus share that He was ‘lusting to lust to eat the Passover’ with them?
    • With what relationships are we free to share our deep desires?
  3. Jesus was open with everything He received from the Father (John 15:15).
    • Why would Jesus share everything with the disciples?
    • With whom can you share everything on your heart?
  4. We are called to be genuine with each other (James 5:16).
    • What happens to good relationships when they are vulnerable with each other?
    • With whom can you and do you confess your sins?
  5. We are called to be genuine with the world (Matthew 5:36-37).
    • How will a reputation of being genuine affect our outreach?
    • What can we do so that the world will see us as genuine and authentic?

Call to Action: To develop a reputation of being genuine Christ-followers.

  • Why is it important for us to be genuine…
    • in times of sorrow?
    • in emotional times?
    • in confessing our sin?
  • How do our friends and neighbors see us?
  • What will help them to see us as genuine?
  • How will it help the kingdom when we are?

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