Good and Honest Hearts

LUKE 8:4-15

  1. Jesus told stories on subjects that were familiar to His hearers (v.4-8).
    • Why is it important to illustrate with stories that the people can relate to?
    • What is the blessing of an understandable message (Ephesians 3:3-4)?
  2. Jesus shared the meaning of His stories with those who asked (v.9-10).
    • Why is it important that the twelve and others (Mark 4:10) asked Jesus?
    • As we are reading God’s word this year, how can we ask for explanation?
    • What two questions will help us make application of our reading?
  3. The seed on the first two soils did not live (v.11-13).
    • What can keep the word of God from taking root in our lives?
    • What happens to us when we have only a shallow faith?
  4. The seed on the third soil was unfruitful (v.14).
    • Even though the plants in the thorny ground lived, what good were they?
    • How can we keep worldly cares and the deceit of riches from choking out the word?
  5. The seed on the fourth soil was received into good and honest hearts (v.15).
    • What responsibility does the sower have to plant in good and honest hearts?
    • How can we better participate in this multiplying ministry?

Call to Action: To diligently plant the word of God in good and honest hearts.


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