Grace is a Place to Live

ROMANS 5:1-5

  1. By faith we have the opportunity to live in grace (v.1-2).
    • What is the role of faith in our justification?
    • In what sense does faith provide our introduction into grace?
  2. Living in grace allows us to have peace, and hope (v.1-2).
    • What peace is available to those living in grace but is not available to legalists?
    • What are the source and the extent of hope for those who are living in grace?
    • How would you describe your level of hope in Christ?
  3. Living in grace enables us to rejoice and grow through our trials (v.3).
    • How do grace and law-keeping differ in their view of trials?
    • How can our trials be seen as an avenue of God’s grace?
  4. Living in grace leads to a transformation of our character (v.3-4).
    • What changes to a legalist’s character are accomplished through trials?
    • When you are living in grace, how does ‘patience through trials’ develop your character?
  5. Living in grace involves the Spirit pouring God’s love within us (v.5).
    • How does God’s love within us make sure that our hope doesn’t disappoint?
    • What is the significance of the gift of the person of the Holy Spirit?

Lesson Aim: To diligently live in the grace of God so that He can create His nature within us.


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