Guarding Bronze Shields

I KINGS 14:22-31

  1. God had made a promise to bless the godly descendants of David (I Kings 2:4).
    • What would have happened if David’s descendants had chosen to follow God?
    • What happens to us when we decide to follow God?
  2. Solomon had been so blessed that he made 500 gold shields (I Kings 10:16-17).
    • Who has 500 shields made of $40 million worth of gold?
    • What are you doing with the blessings God has given you?
  3. Rehoboam had chosen to live an ungodly life (I Kings 14:22-24).
    • What kind of idolatry are you practicing? (Colossians 3:5)
    • What happens to the plans God has for you when you choose to sin?
  4. His ungodly choices and actions cost him dearly (I Kings 14:25-26).
    • What happens to a people or a nation that chooses to sin? (Proverbs 14:34)
    • What is the greatest need of this nation? (John 17:9)
    • What can we do to help the situation?
  5. So Rehoboam pretended to have wealth when he didn’t (v.27-28).
    • What is wrong with pretending to be someone you aren’t? (Proverbs 13:7)
    • What fake blessings are we making the effort of guarding?
    • What are the valuable things that we should be guarding instead?

Call to Action: To honor and protect priceless, eternal treasures.


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