Holy Unto the Lord


  1. The primary context of these promises involves the church (9:9).
    • What can we learn from these prophecies (9:9; 11:12-13; 12:10; 13:6, 7)?
    • How do these specific prophecies affect your faith?
  2. From the Mt. of Olives He will make a way for His people (14:4-5).
    • How did the One who stood on the Mt. of Olives make a way for His people?
    • How does history record the fulfillment of Matthew 24:15-16?
    • (Josephus Wars 4:6:1; Eusebius 3:5:3).
  3. Living waters will flow from Jerusalem (14:8).
    • How do Ezekiel 47:1-12 and John 7:37-38 help us understand this passage?
    • How are we being the water of life in our world? (8:23)
  4. The LORD will reign over the earth and Jerusalem will be secure (14:9-11).
    • Do these promises this apply better to physical or to spiritual Jerusalem?
    • How should our behavior be motivated and affected by these promises?
  5. Common articles will be inscribed with, “Holy to the LORD” (14:20-21).
    • How does I Corinthians 10:31 help us understand and apply this promise?
    • How is this significant for priests? (Exodus 39:30; I Peter 2:5)
    • How must our lives change when we realize that we are Holy unto the LORD?

Call to action: To purposely live as vessels of God’s holiness and life.


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