Honoring the Mighty Who Have Fallen


  1. A dishonored man of honor chose to honor the king (v.6-21).
    • Why is it not in your best interest to dishonor others?
    • In whose company do honorable people feel most comfortable?
    • How much effort are honorable men willing to give to live honorably?
  2. A dishonorable man chose to dishonor his uncle, the king (v.22-27).
    • What motivates dishonorable people to act dishonorably?
    • When we act dishonorably, who is affected?
  3. An honorable king exposes a dishonorable nephew (v.28-30).
    • When is the right time to expose dishonorable behavior?
    • Why is it honorable to expose and rebuke dishonor?
  4. An honorable king honors an honorable man (v.31-38).
    • How are observers affected when the honorable are honored?
    • Why is it so important for us to be genuine when honoring others?
  5. We would do well to ‘value the weight’ of each person (I Peter 2:17).
    • What can we do to properly value the fallen?
    • What can we do to properly value the living?

Call to Action: To truly honor others with our actions and words.


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