I Am Confident of This


  1. I am always thankful for you (v.3).
    • How did it make the Philippians feel when this letter was read to them?
    • How many reasons do we have to be thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ?
    • How can we do a better job of letting them know how they have blessed us?
  2. In my prayers for you, I pray with joy (v.4).
    • Why should we pray with joy for our new Christians?
    • Why should we pray with joy for our more established Christians?
    • How does it help both us and them when we choose to pray for them with joy?
  3. I continue to be thankful for your partnership in the gospel (v.5).
    • How had the church in Philippi been partnering with Paul (4:15-16)?
    • How have you been partnering in the gospel with me for these last almost 13 years?
    • How have you been partnering in Zambia, Uganda, Michigan and elsewhere?
  4. I have confidence in you because of my confidence of God in you (v.6).
    • What behaviors had motivated Paul to have confidence in the Philippians?
    • What behaviors have motivated me to have confidence in you?
    • Why is it so important to understand that God is the ultimate source of our confidence?

Call to Action: To appreciate and communicate our confidence in God’s work in our brethren.


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