I Thank God for You


  1. Paul let the Philippians know that he was pleased with them (v.3).
    • Why is it important to let people know that you are thankful for them?
    • What kindnesses do we remember that have been shown by this family?
  2. Paul consistently prayed with joy for the Philippian church (v.4).
    • Why was it helpful for Paul to let them know he was joyously praying for them?
    • Why should we develop the habit of doing the same?
    • What is a minister’s greatest joy? (III John 4)
  3. Paul was thankful for the partnership he had with them (v.4-5).
    • What kind of partnership did they have in the spreading of the gospel? (4:14-16)
    • Why would I be thankful for our partnership in the spreading of the gospel?
  4. Paul’s confidence in them was centered in God (v.6).
    • How would this confidence encourage the Philippians more than any other?
    • Why do we have reason to enjoy the same confidence?
  5. Paul held the Philippian church in his heart (v.7-8).
    • How did Paul explain his emotional attachment to the Philippians?
    • How many events encourage us to have the same feelings?
    • Why is it important to know that we continue to share in God’s grace?

Call to Action: To regularly share joyous confidence with your Christian family.


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