Jesus at Christmas Time

JOHN 10:22-39

  1. The background for the feast of dedication is found in Daniel 11:29-35.
    • What can we learn about God’s sustaining and strengthening care for His people?
    • What can we learn from the one day of oil that lasted for eight days? (Kislev 25)
  2. The 4th century dating of Christmas is tied to the dating of His death.
    • Why would the Greeks celebrate the crucifixion on April 6 instead of March 25?
    • Why tie the events of Luke 1:26-38 to the crucifixion?
  3. Jesus in John 10 is celebrating a feast that is not in scripture (v. 22-24).
    • What good reasons would Jesus have for celebrating a traditional holiday?
    • What good reasons do we have for celebrating a traditional holiday?
  4. Jesus spoke the truth plainly to those celebrating with Him (v.25-33).
    • Why would Jesus share truths that would confront celebrating people?
    • In what ways should we be sharing truth with celebrating neighbors?
  5. Jesus carefully explained His teaching to those who would not listen (v.34-39).
    • Why would Jesus continue sharing truth with those who tried to kill Him?
    • How did Jesus use Psalm 82:6 to illuminate His ministry?
    • How can we use the scriptures to illuminate the teaching of Christ?

Call to Action: To stand forth as lights in the season of lights.


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