Praising God in Our Anguish


  1. People of God are often in conflict with religious leaders (v.1-6).
    • How much did it cost Jeremiah to share God’s message?
    • How much will it cost us to share God’s message?
    • How much does it cost those who reject God’s message?
  2. Like it or not, the message of God demands to be shared (v.7-10).
    • What should a man of God do when the message for God’s people is negative?
    • How does the word of God become a fire in side us so that we have to share it?
    • How can we stand up through all of the whispering and slander?
  3. Even in anguish, we can find the faith to praise God (v.11-13).
    • How can we have the confidence that God will enable us to prevail?
    • How can the persecuted still praise God?
    • How will we be blessed when we choose to praise God in our anguish?
  4. Praising God does not remove all of our problems (v.14-18).
    • Why did this praising servant of God still suffer depression?
    • What is God’s answer to Jeremiah’s last question?
    • What is God’s answer to that last question for us?

Call to Action: To see God’s purpose for us so we can praise Him even in our anguish.


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