Praying for Your Family


  1. Abraham was great because he led his family to serve the LORD (18:18-19).
    • How does leading your family to God make you great?
    • What can we be doing today to lead our families closer and closer to God?
  2. For Abraham’s son to be close to God, he needed a godly wife (24:1-4).
    • How important is it for your children to find godly marriage partners?
    • How can we enlist the help of others to assist us in this important task?
  3. Abraham’s servant depended on prayer to find a godly wife (24:12-14).
    • What role should prayer play in the task of finding a good wife/husband?
    • Who do you have in your life who is diligently praying for your children?
  4. The servant thanked God when a godly wife was found (24:26-27).
    • Why is it important for us to praise and thank God when He blesses our families?
    • How diligent are we in thanking God when He has obviously blessed our families?
  5. The servant bowed in worship when the family realized God’s direction (24:52).
    • When have you praised God because your family saw God’s leading (v.50-51)?
    • What can we do to increase the devotion to prayer in our homes?

Call to action: To be devoted to praying for our families.


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