Seven Assurance Questions

ROMANS 8:31-39

  1. What should be our response to God’s choosing (v.31a)?
    • When we read verses 28-30, ‘what will we say in response?’
    • Why should the knowledge of God’s choice help to increase our assurance?
  2. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (v.31b)
    • What assurance do you receive from knowing that God is protecting us?
    • How does that assurance motivate and affect your behavior?
  3. If God didn’t even spare His own Son, what is He willing to do for us (v.32)?
    • How does the depth of the sacrifice of Christ affect your devotion?
    • What will help us grow in our assurance of God’s love?
  4. “Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen?” (v.33)
    • How does God’s choice of us take away Satan’s accusations?
    • If ‘the accuser cannot bring an accusation against us, why do we?
  5. “Who is he that condemns?” (v.34)
    • How do any condemnations compare to the sustaining and interceding of Christ?
    • What will help us to let go of those condemnations? (I John 3:19-20)
  6. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” (v. 35a)
    • If Jesus has all power and all authority (Matthew 28:18), who can take us from Him?
    • How does our accuser compare to our Savior?
  7. Is there anything that can separate us from the love of Christ (v.35-39)?
    • What is it in all of creation that can separate us from the love of Christ?
    • If we are convinced of this truth, how will we behave?

Call to Action: To live for Christ with the assurance He intended for us.


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