Spring Cleaning (Ladies’ Day Lessons)

Enjoy this lesson recording (parts 1 and 2 together) and video introduction from the 11th Annual Ladies’ Inspiration Day on Saturday, August 9th; Watch Jodi Luke introduce guest speaker Lanita Boyd, then listen to Lanita’s lesson at your leisure.

This year’s theme was “Spring Cleaning”, and Lanita explored the Scriptures, along with her own experiences, to discuss ways for today’s women to clean their hearts (as well as their homes) to be a woman pleasing to God.

(Apologies for the audio quality; the lesson was recorded on a iPhone.)

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  1. […] The most unusual part of the day was being introduced electronically by Jodi Luke, who used to go to Central. She is now doing mission work in Italy for two years, and it was fun to be introduced that way. A very talented videographer, Brandon Richardson, son of Sue Richardson, my contact person, posted Jodi’s introduction and an audio of my talks on the Circleville website. […]

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