Standing at the Edge of Self-Discovery


  1. The apostle Paul discovers and shares his role in Christ (Colossians 1:24-26).
    • How does our culture strive for self-discovery?
    • How does Paul realize and then live in the only real way that discovers self?
  2. The mystery revealed to all believers now supplies the hope of glory (v.27).
    • How does living for Jesus discover and bless self, better than all human attempts?
    • What does “Christ in you, the hope of glory” look like in action?
  3. Our ‘self-discovery’ is realized as we proclaim Him with our lives (v.28).
    • Why does ‘proclaiming Him’ involve more than just our words?
    • How do we continue our task to bring others who are mature in Christ?
  4. We live as we struggle and toil by the strength of His energy in us (v.29).
    • What do we need to let go of to better labor with Jesus’ energy?
    • With what must we fill our days if we want to labor with His energy?
  5. For the Christian, self-discovery is all about living for Jesus (v.28-29).
    • What is the underlying problem with all our attempts at self-help & self-discovery?
    • What will happen to ‘self’ when Christ powerfully works within us?

Call to Action: To surrender self to become the Christ-empowered hope of glory.


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