Stop Following the Prince of the Air


  1. We used to follow the prince of the power of the air (v.1-3).
    • How was your life when you followed the prince of the air?
    • What happens when we choose to live among those who follow him?
    • Why is it important to know that Satan is only a prince of the air?
  2. But the love of Christ made us alive (v.4-5).
    • What is the significance of moving from the past to the present tense?
    • What are the blessings of being made ‘alive together?’
  3. He raised us up to be with Him to show the world His grace (v.6-7).
    • How does our rising with Christ change our morality?
    • Why expend effort showing His grace instead of focusing on our weaknesses?
  4. He saved us by grace so we would not boast (v.8-9).
    • What is wrong with boasting about how bad we were before our conversion?
    • What is wrong with boasting about how far we have come?
  5. He made us to do good works (v.10).
    • What is the purpose for which God has remade us?
    • How are you fulfilling God’s purpose for you?

Call to Action: To revel in our life with Christ instead of in destructive disobedience.


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