Teach Us to Number Our Days

PSALM 90:12

  1. Moses was trained 120 years to teach us how to number our days (v.1-6).
    • What lessons do we need to learn from the seasons of Moses’ life?
    • How can our understanding of Moses’ days help us better number ours?
  2. To number our days we need proper perspective (v.7-11).
    • What spiritual perspective will help us to better number our days?
    • How are you motivated by the temporary nature of this life?
  3. We need to live like our days are numbered (v.12).
    • How does life get more intense when we realize that our days are numbered?
    • How would you love and forgive and spend your time if your days were numbered?
    • How are you going to spend your time with your numbered days (139:16)?
  4. We need to live with our days numbered 1st, 2nd and 3rd (v.12).
    • What happens to our lives when we put careers ahead of relationships?
    • Who has been getting the first of your time and your attention?
    • Who is going to get the first and the second of your time and attention?
  5. When we properly number our days, we gain wisdom (v.12).
    • How does proper time allocation help your heart gain wisdom?
    • Why is it so important for our hearts to gain wisdom? (Colossians 3:1-4)

Call to Action: To properly invest our time in God, then in family, then in others.


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