The Accuser in the Last Days


  1. God’s people should expect terrible behavior in the world (v.1).
    • How does a long-lasting rejection of Jesus manifest itself? (v.13)
    • For what reasons would God share this news with His people?
  2. Unbelievers will display increasingly selfish sins (v.2-4).
    • What central attitude links all of the sins in these three verses?
    • How can Christianity help us overcome this lifestyle?
    • On which of these sins do you need to do the most work?
  3. One of these sins identifies with ‘the accuser’ (v.3).
    • What word is used to describe Satan 34 times and Judas once?
      (Luke 4:2, 3, 5, 6, 13; John 6:70-71)
    • What word is used three times to describe people other than Judas?
      (I Timothy 3:11; II Timothy 3:3; Titus 2:3)
  4. An outward appearance of godliness is powerless (v.5).
    • How does true godliness differ from the mere appearance of it?
    • How can we have a godliness that is more than just an appearance of it?
  5. We need to be careful to completely avoid such people (v.5).
    • What happens when we become comfortable around those who try to appear godly?
    • How can we reach unbelievers without becoming comfortable with their sin?

Call to Action: To overcome ungodliness with the self-denying power of Christ.


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