‘The Hopeful’ Pursue Righteousness

I TIMOTHY 6:11-16

  1. To pursue righteousness, we need to flee from materialism (v.11, 9-10).
    • If we are to be righteous, why is it so important to flee from the love of money?
    • What will motivate you to do a better job of fleeing from materialism?
  2. Pursuing righteousness includes godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness (v.11).
    • Why do hopeful Christians pursue righteousness?
    • Why is righteousness incomplete without each of the aspects in this verse?
    • On which of these aspects of righteousness do you personally need to work hardest?
  3. Pursuing righteousness involves a fight (v.12).
    • Why is it important that we see the fight involved in pursuing righteousness?
    • How does taking hold of eternal life help you in the fight for righteousness?
  4. We pursue righteousness because of God – and in the sight of God (v.13-14).
    • What command is he charging us to keep until Jesus appears?
    • How does it help to know that our awesome eternal God is watching us?
  5. We pursue righteousness to honor the One who dwells in unapproachable light (v.13-16).
    • What is it in your life that has dishonored our amazing God and how serious are you about getting rid of it?
    • How can your pursuit of righteousness honor the One who dwells in pure light?

Lesson Aim: To seriously, persistently and diligently pursue righteousness.


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