The Kingdom of God Is in You

LUKE 17:21

  1. The entire message of Jesus was about the coming of the Kingdom (Mark 1:15).
    • Why is the message of redemption incomplete without the concept of kingdom?
    • Why would Jesus be so unassuming and personal if He is a king?
  2. Their misunderstanding about the Kingdom missed the point (John 6:14-15).
    • What was wrong with the Jewish concept of a Messianic Kingdom?
    • How well does life go when we try to fit God into our mold?
  3. The kingdom of Christ was always spiritual (John 18:33-37).
    • How do we wage war on the earth in a kingdom that is not of this world?
    • How can we best ‘bear witness to the truth?’
  4. The kingdom will be completely victorious (I Corinthians 15:24-28).
    • How should our perspective change when we understand that the kingdom wins?
    • How will our behavior change since we know that the kingdom wins?
  5. That victorious kingdom is within you (Luke 17:21).
    • What responsibility comes with knowing that the kingdom is in us?
    • What are we doing this week to defeat Satan?
    • What are we doing this week to defeat death?

Call to Action: To wage war this week with weapons of love and truth.


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