The Nature of the Revolution

II Corinthians 5:14-6:2

  1. The nature of the revolution begins with the truth that we have died (v.14-15).
    • How does the love of our dying Savior compel us to die so we can live for Him?
    • What is motivating you not to live for yourself, but for Jesus?
  2. The nature of the revolution gives us a brand new perspective (v.16-17).
    • When we have died to our old life, how do we view everyone and everything else?
    • How has ‘the new’ come to your life?
  3. Our role in the revolution is one of reconciled reconcilers (v.18-19).
    • How close do you feel to God?
    • What are you doing each day to call others close to Him?
    • How can calling others close to you help them grow closer to Christ?
  4. We are ambassadors in this revolution, who wear His righteousness (v.20-21).
    • How effectively is God making His appeals through us?
    • What is the purpose for which we have become the righteousness of God?
  5. The time for action is now (6:1-2).
    • What is vain about procrastination?
    • How will my day change when I truly believe that ‘now is the day of salvation?’

Call to Action: To daily allow God to make His appeal through us.


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