The Resurrection Personalized

JOHN 14:18-24

  1. The resurrection of Jesus is a witnessed, historical reality (John 20:1-9).
    • What was the scene that led up to this most amazing event?
    • What would it have been like to step into that empty tomb?
    • How can we be sure that it really happened?
    • How does this one event elevate Christianity above all religions?
  2. The resurrection allows Jesus to always be with us (John 14:18-20).
    • What is the setting that led up to this promise?
    • How does the historical resurrection allow a personalized resurrection?
    • How were the disciples orphans without the reality of His presence?
    • How are we orphans without the reality of His presence?
    • What comfort and assurance comes with this promise?
  3. The personalized resurrection transforms our lives (John 14:21-24).
    • How does the presence of our loving Savior affect our behavior?
    • How does our Christ-like behavior allow us to better see Him?
    • How does the personalized resurrection link love and obedience?
    • How is life improved when Jesus and the Father take up residence?
    • What is it costing us when we choose not to love and obey?

Call to Action: To long for and thoroughly enjoy the presence of the risen Lord.


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