“There Is No God like You!”


  1. Solomon had good reason to cry out, “There is no God like You” (v.1-2).
    • What had just happened before Solomon mentioned the dark cloud? (5:7, 13-14)
    • What amazing events in your life have moved you to praise God?
  2. Solomon was serious about leading the people in praise (v.12-13).
    • Why is it important to lead the people from the middle? (Acts 20:28)
    • What would move Solomon to kneel with hands raised to God?
    • What would it take to move us to praise God like that?
  3. Solomon began his prayer with God-centered praise (v.14-17).
    • What will help us to get this kind of heart?
    • Why is it so important for us focus all of our attention on God when we pray?
  4. Solomon continued his prayer asking God to hear and forgive (v.18-31).
    • What is the significance of asking God to focus on the temple? (I Corinthians 6:19)
    • Are we living and praying in such a way that we want God focusing on His temple?
  5. Solomon concluded his prayer asking God to hear, forgive and act (v.32-42).
    • What is the cause that we are asking our Father to uphold?
    • How does our focus on the temple of God affect His answer?

Call to Action: To praise the God who dwells in His temple to uphold His cause!


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