Thirteen Years of Hope


  1. God personally gave Joseph reasons to have hope (37:5-11).
    • Whatever would happen to him for the next 13 years, what assurance did he have?
    • Whatever happens to you in your life, what assurances do you have?
  2. When rejected by his brothers and sold as a slave, he needed hope (37:23-28).
    • In that cistern, how desperately would Joseph need hope?
    • When you have been rejected by your loved ones, what is your source of hope?
  3. When falsely accused and punished, he needed hope (39:6-23).
    • What would sustain Joseph when he was wrongly punished for things he never did?
    • What sustains you when you are wrongly accused of things you have not done?
  4. When forgotten by a blessed cupbearer, he still needed hope (40:5-22).
    • As years of frustration pile up, why would these two years be the hardest?
    • When lingering problems seem to never end, where do you find hope?
    • Where can we find the hope to avoid complaining, as Joseph did for 13 years?
  5. God made Joseph’s hope tangible (41:39-46; 45:7-8).
    • How does the happy ending for Joseph show us that God is always just?
    • How well do the biblical promises help you to be sustained by hope? (Hebrews 13:5b; I Corinthians 10:13)

Call to Action: To develop and strengthen a hope that keeps sustaining us.


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