Transformed by Knowing Christ


Introduction: This Tuesday marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation movement, but what other significant events and individuals allow us to have freedom in Christ today?

  1. Worldliness progresses along a specific path (v.17-18).
    • How does hardness of heart lead to ignorance then to worldliness?
    • What can we do to prevent our hearts from being hardened to Jesus?
  2. Worldliness will harden hearts to the holiness of God (v.19).
    • Why does a hardened heart spiral downward morally?
    • What can we do to keep that from happening?
  3. All life-transforming truth is found in Jesus (v.20-21).
    • What do worldly people need to clearly see?
    • How completely does truth reside in the person of Jesus?
    • How has learning of Jesus helped your life to be transformed?
  4. The truth found in Jesus can transform you into His nature (v.22-24).
    • What is the role of ‘the spirit of your minds’ in overcoming worldliness?
    • What is involved in putting on the new self that is in God’s likeness?
    • How diligently are you praying and working to that end?

Call to Action: To allow the life of Jesus to continue your own reformation.


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