When You Don’t Know What to Do


  1. There are vast armies that are ready to attack the people of God (v.1-2).
    • Even when you are serving God, why will enemies gather against you?
    • What vast armies are arrayed against the people of God today?
  2. When they didn’t know what to do, they sought God in prayer (v.3-12).
    • Why is seeking God in prayer always the best first option?
    • How is seeking God a superior choice to getting ready to defend yourself?
  3. God tells His people to listen to Him and to not be afraid (v.13-17).
    • How does listening to God help you through times when you are strongly opposed?
    • What is accomplished by fear and discouragement?
    • What happens to us when we realize that the battle is the Lord’s?
  4. When they didn’t know what to do, they chose to praise God (v.18-21).
    • What is the logic that chooses to praise God before the battle?
    • What is the logic that has the chorus leading the soldiers to the battle?
  5. The sovereign, loving God protected His people (v.22-30).
    • How easily can God eliminate the source of our fears?
    • How does our attitude change when we see that our enemies don’t really get along?

Call to Action: When troubles threaten, purposely praise God.


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