Where Can I Flee From God’s Presence?

PSALM 139:7-12

  1. God loves us enough to save us from sin’s separation (Genesis 3:22-24).
    • What would have happened if they had eaten from the tree of life?
    • When they were separated by sin, who looked for them? (Genesis 3:9)
  2. God can be with us wherever we are (Psalm 139:7-12).
    • How well does God know you? (v.1-6)
    • Where can you flee from His presence?
    • When you get to where you can’t see God, can He still see you?
  3. We can make ourselves feel alone even when we are not (I Kings 19:10, 14).
    • What attitudes and perceptions make us think we are alone?
    • What actions should we take when we feel alone? (I Kings 19:15-18)
  4. When we feel separated from God, we can know that we aren’t (I John 3:19f).
    • How can we set our hearts at rest when our hearts are condemning us?
    • How well are we setting our hearts at rest?
  5. God promised to be with us always (Matthew 28:18-20).
    • Where can we flee from the presence of almighty God who promised to be with us?
    • What should we be doing if we want to enjoy His presence?

Call to Action: To purposely live each day in the presence of God.


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