Charles Hill (Zambia, Africa)


Charles graduated from Sunset School of Preaching in 1977.  He earned a BS in Biblical Studies from Southern Christian University and later a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from SCU.  He has completed all classroom requirements for a PhD from Amridge University (formerly SCU).


Charles has preached for congregations in Texas, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Indiana and Pennsylvania.  He has preached in Chambersburg Pennsylvania for 21 years.

Charles is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He has been in private practice for over 10 years.  Before that he worked for several counseling and family agencies as a therapist.


Charles began to travel to Siavonga, Zambia on a yearly basis in 1999.  Each trip has been for a period of about 1 month.  As time has gone by, the work has expanded significantly both in scope and geography.  He has worked with congregations and planted congregations from Siavonga to the border with Tanzania in the north.  When he first traveled to Siavonga, there were only 4 congregations in the district.  Today there are 17 with more planned.  Four congregations have also been planted in villages of northern Zambia

The first element that was added to the mission was in the area of World Bible School.  Work was begun in translating the lessons into the local language, Tonga.  To date, all of the study lessons through Born of Water and the Spirit have been translated into Tonga and printed for distribution in spreading the Gospel.

To this translation work has been added the translation and printing of “The Churches of Christ: who are these people?” by Joe Barnett. Also translated have been “Just Christians” by Monroe Hawley and several other small tracts.  The latter have been translated into Tonga (the major language of Southern Zambia), Bemba (the language of Central Zambia) and Tumbuka (the language along the border with Malawi).

The next expansion was in the area of providing rudimentary medical care in the villages.  Congregations began to contribute basic medicines (over the counter in the US) and sending them to Zambia.  The local evangelist’s wife, Judith, received training from the hospital and is permitted to distribute some basic medicines.  She will travel to a village for a day and provide medical counseling and medicines.

In 2009, Charles began to work with repair of water wells when he secured the interest and support of Healing Hands International.  Since that time, over 85 wells have been repaired and 15 have been drilled providing safe drinking water to over 105,000 Zambians.

In 2015, Charles permanently relocated to Zambia to live and work.  His work will involve all of the above work on an extended basis.  Plans for the future involve a ministry printing study materials for use by congregations and leaders.  Some of these will be translated into some of the languages of Zambia and printed for general distribution.  He also plans to work with the local evangelist, Charles Phiri, to develop leaders as Bible students through mentoring and education.

David Grant (Michigan)

LET THE BIBLE SPEAK, on TV6 every Sunday mornings at 10:00 am (EST). Our thirty-minute Bible program began in March 1976 under the direction of Leslie W. Grant and the Escanaba Church of Christ. Les Grant continued on the program for 17 years. During a period of health struggles, Les asked his son Dave to host the program for a few weeks. The response was positive and Dave has been the host since 1992. Les passed away in October 2009 after 62 years of preaching the Gospel!

Les and Dave have had several other ministers assisting them in this ministry. In the beginning, the format was a panel discussion. Joining Les and Dave in the teaching over the years were Dan Skaggs, Dan Robinson, Charles James, Keith Cartwright, Bruce Tanner, Al Meakes, Jay Allen, William Huebler, Roger Rhodes and most recently, Jim Larsen from the Marquette, Michigan congregation of the Church of Christ.

The program started with the name, BIBLE QUESTIONS/BIBLE ANSWERS, and each week the panel would respond to questions from viewers with Biblical answers. The name changed after a few years and so did our format. The viewer responses indicated a strong desire for Bible teaching more than discussion. Thirteen years ago, we began to move away from a panel discussion to one or two teachers each week. These lessons are based solely on the Word of God.

The goal of our program is to encourage our viewers to study the Bible and do what the Lord directs them to do. In a world of religious confusion, the only hope for unity is a return to the only true authority, the Word of God. Join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 as we LET THE BIBLE SPEAK.
More information on this ministry can be found at www.letthebiblespeak.net.


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