The Solution for the “Me Nation”

In America, the ‘me generation’ has proven to be contagious to much of the country until we have become the ‘me nation.’ Our new war cry could easily be, “I want what I want, so get out of my way!” We know what we want on our burgers, on our arugula salads or in our soy latte, extra cream. We know whose label we want on our shoes, on our stretch jeans, on our underwear and even on our outer wear. We know which social media will give us the most hits and the most exposure. Yes, we have largely become the ‘me nation.’

But our Lord has always had a solution for the needs of mankind and His answer for our current culture may wind up being the most perfect fit of all time. When Jesus ascended into the clouds from the top of the Mt. of Olives, He was not done with His work. Rather, He was just starting! Jesus was getting ready to initiate the greatest blessing the world had ever known. He had let His disciples know that it was good for them for Him to go away (John 16:7), because that departure would allow Jesus to send the Holy Spirit. Because of that, God would not only be over us and with us, but the divine nature would actually dwell within us so that the very love of God would be poured out into our hearts (Romans 5:4).

As the Lord’s selfless followers, we can then live for Him, allowing the Spirit to flow out from us (John 7:38) to bless the world around us. And by our selfless, God-filled lives, He can call others away from the emptiness of a self-absorbed existence to the joy of allowing Christ to live in them and through them so that they also can be a part of the true ‘hope of glory (Col. 1:27). The drastic change in their lives will be without comparison. The transformation of our culture will be legendary. And all of this will start when I decide to deny myself so that I truly allow the love of God to first be poured into my heart, and then let it be poured out into the hearts of others who desperately need it.

Dear Lord, change my heart!

Because He lives,