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The world around us is trying to convince believers that we have been foolish and naïve. The very idea of believing that Jesus was and is God who walked on water, immediately stilled storms and raised the dead after four days of putrification is seemingly devoid of logic. But we believe. We have been convinced by the lifestyle of other followers who have blessed our lives. We have been amazed by the historically verifiable fulfilled prophecies that fill the scriptures. The historical accounts of the activities of our crucified and risen Savior are so profound that they could not have been invented in any ‘Passover plot’ comprised of first-century fishermen and tax-collectors. Every time an archaeologist turns a spade in Israel or other Bible lands, more of the truthful nature of the scriptures is exposed. We boldly proclaim that we believe that Jesus did all of those things the Bible says He did.

But many others have decided that they do not believe. Without fully examining the context of seemingly conflicting accounts in the Gospels or other passages, they have decided that such difference exposes a human rather than divine source of the writings contained in the Bible. But I am convinced that the decision not to believe in Christ is primarily a decision not to examine the scriptures. If Matthew was an eye-witness with an accountant’s perspective while Mark and Luke received much of their input from a somewhat distracted Peter, their reports may differ. Just because Peter remembered a disciple named Bartimaeus, the formerly blind man at Jericho (Mark 10:46) and neglected to mention his companion who did not ask to follow Jesus (Mat. 9:27), there is no proof that the Scriptures are uninspired. Primarily, we believed because we chose to seek and we continue to believe because we choose to seek.

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  1. Great article Jack! What most people fail to see is, that even though there are diffences, every single one of those accounts leads us to the same destination. Jesus. If they all said the exact same thing, they would be called liars. And that they planned their stories in advance. Or it was all written by one man. I think it takes greater faith for them to not believe than it does for us who do.

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