God’s Ability to Persuade

II SAMUEL 12:1-14

  1. The LORD sent Nathan to persuade David (v.1).
    • How does it help to have a relationship with someone you seek to persuade?
    • What will help us to see ourselves as chosen by God to persuade others?
  2. Telling a story that relates well is a great way to persuade (v.1-4).
    • How much persuasive power is accomplished by a good story?
    • What factors are involved in choosing a story that relates to the hearer?
  3. A personal, emotional response paves the way for repentance (v.5-6).
    • Why is anger a much better response than apathy?
    • How can God use righteous anger to accomplish His purpose in our lives?
  4. Effective timing for rebuking sin is delicate (v.7-12).
    • How does Nathan’s reply help David to redirect his anger?
    • How can we help others to direct their anger toward their sin and its effects?
    • How does love respond when sin needs to be rebuked?
  5. The properly persuaded heart will repent and confess wrong (v.13-14).
    • How does David’s response to sin differ from the previous king?
    • What is keeping us from being persuaded to repent of our sin?
    • Why is it important to know that forgiven sin still has consequences?

Call to Action: To willingly be persuaded to confess our sin and then help others do the same.


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