The Solution Is Still Jesus!

If we are not careful, we can look at all of the news around us and develop a negative, demoralized outlook of the future of our nation and of the world. Economic, militaristic, moral and relational difficulties invariably receive primetime coverage on news, talk shows and other forms of media and personal discussion.  But we are His children and we have been redeemed and imbued with hope. We have been called to be the light of this dark world, spreading joy wherever we go. He has chosen to allow the Spirit to flow out from us (Jn. 7:37-39) to bless and refresh those around us.

But the danger of developing a negative perspective on life may not be the most compelling of our temptations. We can also be tempted to look for a political, military or economic solution to the world’s problems. We ought never to think that way.   We are followers of Jesus Christ!  When God saw the problems in the world He did not send an army. He sent His Son.  Then, when Jesus ascended back to His eternal home, He did not leave behind an army, a government or an economic entity or strategy. He left a group of 120 praying people who were committed to denying themselves, taking up the crosses distributed to them and then following Jesus.

The solution to the world’s problems must still be seen as spiritual. The world around us still desperately needs to see the love of Christ.  God’s plan has not changed.  He has transformed our hearts by the amazing love of Jesus and has commissioned us to display the genuine love of Christ through our actions and our words.  Our nation and our world are in desperate need of revival and we are the ones who have been called to be revived. We must remember that when Jesus offered His chapter-long prayer of John 17. He purposely chose not to pray for the world! Instead, He chose to pray for us (v.9) because He knew that what the world needed most was a better us!  It still does. Let’s let Him accomplish His eternal will in our hearts and through our lives.

Because He lives,