Can You Sleep Through a Storm?

MARK 4:35-41

  1. Jesus had a relationship with His disciples that allowed Him to sleep (v. 35-36).
    • In what ways do trusting relationships make it easier for us to have peace?
    • Do you have the kind of close friendships that allow you to be at peace?
  2. A furious storm with huge waves was not able to disturb His sleep (v.37).
    • If you had been in the midst of this serious storm, how would you have felt?
    • What kinds of emotional storms have you faced that made it hard for you to sleep?
  3. Others mistook His ability to sleep as a demonstration of unconcern (v.38).
    • What is wrong with trying to keep up a pretense of always being busy?
    • If the ability to sleep through a storm does not demonstrate a lack of concern, what does it show?
  4. Jesus shows that God has power over any storms we might face (v.39).
    • What did these actions of Jesus demonstrate to His disciples then –and to us?
    • How does your outlook change when you realize that Jesus can calm any storm?
  5. Fear and a lack of faith make us unable to sleep through a storm (v.40).
    • “Why are you afraid?”
    • “Do you still have no faith?”
  6. “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey Him! (v.41).
    • How do you describe this One who controls the storms of life?
    • What response will you make to this One who controls the storms of life?

Lesson Aim: To have a depth of faith that allows real rest during our own storms.


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