Don’t Be Like Esau

HEBREWS 12:16-17

  1. We are not to be immoral like Esau (v.16).
    • When we go back to Genesis, what do we find immoral about Esau?
    • What was it about the illustration given that is still immoral?
  2. We are not to be profane like Esau (v.16).
    • What threshold did Esau illicitly cross?
    • When we choose immediate gratification, what threshold do we cross?
  3. We are not to devalue lasting blessings like Esau (v.16).
    • How does our immorality purposely devalue lasting blessings?
    • How does our profanity purposely devalue lasting blessings?
  4. Don’t choose to be rejected by God as Esau did (v.17).
    • How does the choice of immediate gratification rob us of our inheritance?
    • What reason would God have to say, “Esau have I hated?” (Malachi 1:3)
    • What is it costing us when we choose the immediate over the enduring?
  5. Don’t choose anything that makes it impossible to repent (v.17).
    • How did Esau get to the point where he couldn’t repent?
    • How can we make sure that we don’t get to the point where we can’t repent?

Call to Action: To intentionally choose lasting blessings and relationships.


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