The Spirit’s Morality

Galatians 5:16-23

  1. The morality of the flesh is opposed to the morality of the Spirit (v.16-17).
    • How does walking by the Spirit keep us from wanting to sin?
    • Which opposing desire should we be choosing?
    • Why is walking by the Spirit better than doing what we desire?
  2. The morality of the Spirit doesn’t need rules (v.18).
    • How can we ensure that we are being led by the Spirit?
    • Why are those who walk by the Spirit not under law?
    • How is walking by the Spirit more enjoyable than living under law?
  3. The morality of the flesh keeps you away from the kingdom of God (v.19-21).
    • What similarities do you see in the ‘deeds of the flesh?’
    • What do you think happens to the heart of one who lives according to the flesh?
    • Why do these actions keep one from the kingdom of God?
  4. The morality of the Spirit is the character of Christ (v.22-23).
    • What does Jesus pray for us to have? (John 14:27; 15:11 & 17:26)
    • What holds each of these aspects of ‘the fruit of the Spirit’ together?
    • How does this fruit protect us from the morality of the flesh?

Call to Action: To avoid the deeds of the flesh by keeping in step with the Spirit.


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