Sermons on Spirit

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Is It Well With Your Soul?

Is it well with your soul? Dean explores the substantiation of wellness and uses seven potential points of reference through his discussion: love, wishes/requests, spiritual appreciation, truth, joy, actions, and mentor(s). Take time to assess you (spiritual) health as you enjoy Dean’s lesson this week.


As Dean continues in his “Awareness: Run the Mile You’re In” series, he explores the act of worship and discusses where we do it, how we do it, why we do it, and much more. Enjoy this week’s lesson and take time to examine your worship and your relationship with God.

Hope and Its Related Blessings

EPHESIANS 1:18-21 We need to pray for enlightened hearts to know the hope of our calling (v.18). What enlightenment will help us better know the hope of our calling? Why is it important that our hope is not separated from our calling? Our hope is related to the glorious riches of His inheritance (v.18b). Why…

The Real Lord’s Prayer

JOHN 17 This is how Jesus prayed for Himself (v.1-5). For what purposes was Jesus praying for Himself? For what purposes should we be praying for ourselves? This is how Jesus prayed for His disciples (v.6-19). Why does Jesus choose to not pray for the world? Why pray for protection, unity, joy and sanctification? What…

Transforming Followers

MARK 2:13-22 Levi/Matthew was transformed by a call to follow Jesus (v.13-14). What would motivate a successful man to leave his profession to follow Jesus? What will lead us to leave anything that hinders us from following Jesus? Transformed Levi/Matthew wanted all of his friends to meet Jesus (v.15). When he was leaving his job,…

Praying like Daniel

DANIEL 9:1-23 Spending time in God’s word motivated Daniel to pray (v.1-3). Why is it so important for us to let God’s word motivate us to pray? What are you going to do today and this week to let that happen for you? Daniel prayed with praise and confession (v.4-11a). Why is it so important…