A Guaranteed Hope


  1. We know that we have an eternal heavenly home (v.1).
    • What is the source of our heavenly home? (John 14:1-4)
    • How does our hope overcome any fears of this life?
  2. While here, we groan longingly for our heavenly home (v.2).
    • How strongly are we desiring our heavenly home?
    • How do our actions and choices show the level of that desire?
  3. Our eternal home will clothe us (v.3).
    • Why would eternity be described as clothing our nakedness? (I Cor. 15:50-54)
    • How do our decisions change when we see this physical body as temporary clothing?
  4. The coming eternal life swallows up this life (v.4).
    • What burdens here cause us to temporarily groan?
    • How real is ‘the life’ that is coming?
    • How strongly do we desire that life for all those we love?
  5. The Holy Spirit guarantees our hope in what is to come (v.5).
    1. In what way is the Spirit a guaranteeing deposit for our eternal life?
    2. How has God already worked/prepared us for this new life?
    3. How is that ‘guaranteeing hope’ motivating your choices?

Call to Action: To focus our choices on the coming life that is real.


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