Hope and Its Related Blessings


  1. We need to pray for enlightened hearts to know the hope of our calling (v.18).
    • What enlightenment will help us better know the hope of our calling?
    • Why is it important that our hope is not separated from our calling?
  2. Our hope is related to the glorious riches of His inheritance (v.18b).
    • Why must we see that it speaks of God’s inheritance and not ours?
    • How precious are God’s people to Him?
    • How is your perspective changed when you see yourself as God’s inheritance?
  3. Our hope is related to the incomparably great power in Christ (v.19).
    • Why would an understanding of God’s great power be needed in Ephesus? (Acts 19)
    • Why is an understanding of God’s great power needed in our lives?
  4. The power within us is the same that raised Jesus from the dead (v.19-20).
    • What does the power that raised Jesus have to do with our lives? (Romans 8:11)
    • How do these promises affect your hope and your desire? (Philippians 3:10)
  5. Our hope is also related to the heavenly places where Christ is exalted (v.20-21).
    • What does Jesus being in the heavenly realms have to do with us? (Ephesians 2:6)
    • How does this amazing glory of Christ affect those who are seated with Him?

Call to Action: To meditate, pray and live so that we can be enlightened to hope.


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