Hope in Our Glorious Ministry


  1. Our ministry is much more glorious than that of Moses (v.7-8).
    • How glorious would it have been to see the glory of God on Mt. Sinai?
    • How is our ministry even more glorious?
    • Why is it so important that we view it as a ministry?
  2. A ministry that brings life is much greater than one that brings death (v.9-11).
    • Why is it so important that we know that this ministry does not fade?
    • Where do we fit in this ministry that brings righteousness?
  3. Our hope in our greater ministry brings boldness (v.12-13).
    • How can we make sure that we are not putting a veil on a fading glory?
    • What changes need to take place so that we are seen as “very bold” in our ministry?
  4. Instead of a fading, veiled ministry, ours offers freedom by the Spirit (v.14-17).
    • How did a veil cover the hearts of those under the old covenant?
    • What responsibilities come to us who are in this ministry that brings freedom?
  5. Our ministry allows us to be transformed into His glory (v.18).
    • What is the greatest glory of this ministry?
    • How intently are we beholding the glory of the Lord?

Call to Action: To boldly participate in this freeing, transforming ministry.


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