Hope Explained

ROMANS 8:18-25

  1. This life’s trials are incapable of being compared to our hope of glory (v.18).
    • What weight of suffering could compare to the weight of the glory that is coming?
    • Why would God want us to think about this comparison? (2 Cor. 4:17)
  2. This creation has become the very definition of hope for us (v.19-21).
    • How eagerly are we longing for the revelation of our hope?
    • How and when was creation ‘subjected to futility?’ (Genesis 3:17-19)
    • How do our actions show that we await the freedom of glory?
  3. The creation has been groaning for the realization of our hope (v.22).
    • Why would the apostle Paul choose to personify the creation?
    • How should we be motivated by the groaning of all creation?
  4. We also have been groaning as we eagerly await our redemption (v.23).
    • If we are already children of God, what adoption are we awaiting?
    • What behavior and perspective displays our longing for this redemption?
  5. The saved must patiently wait for our unseen hope (v.24-25).
    • In what sense were we saved by an unseen hope?
    • Why must our hope remain unseen?
    • How is patience being produced in our lives by our unseen hope?

Call to Action: To feed our unseen hope so that we will patiently endure.


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