Sermons on Romans

road passing through mountain terrain

What Is the Will of God for My Life?

When determining the will of God for your life, Dean asks: have you given yourself as a “present,” are you a “non-conformist,” and are you being transformed (by the renewing of your mind)? Only then will you be able to do God’s will; his good, pleasing, and perfect will. Enjoy this lesson discussing both the…


As Dean continues in his “Awareness: Run the Mile You’re In” series, he explores the act of worship and discusses where we do it, how we do it, why we do it, and much more. Enjoy this week’s lesson and take time to examine your worship and your relationship with God.

The Lifestyle of Hope

ROMANS 15:1-4 Everything written before was for our learning so we can have hope (v.4). What lessons have we usually taught from this verse? Why is context so important to the study of scripture? The context of verse 4 begins with helping the weak (v.1). Since the paragraph begins with helping the weak, what can…

Hope Explained

ROMANS 8:18-25 This life’s trials are incapable of being compared to our hope of glory (v.18). What weight of suffering could compare to the weight of the glory that is coming? Why would God want us to think about this comparison? (2 Cor. 4:17) This creation has become the very definition of hope for us…