Sermons on Light

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Is It Well With Your Soul?

Is it well with your soul? Dean explores the substantiation of wellness and uses seven potential points of reference through his discussion: love, wishes/requests, spiritual appreciation, truth, joy, actions, and mentor(s). Take time to assess you (spiritual) health as you enjoy Dean’s lesson this week.

The Character of Christ

I JOHN 1:1-4 Jesus’ character changed and motivated the first disciples (I John 1:1-4) How would your life have been changed if you had seen, touched and heard Jesus? What can we do to better see, hear and touch Jesus today? The cry of the growing church is “Come and see!” (John 4:28-30). When we…

‘The Hopeful’ Pursue Righteousness

I TIMOTHY 6:11-16 To pursue righteousness, we need to flee from materialism (v.11, 9-10). If we are to be righteous, why is it so important to flee from the love of money? What will motivate you to do a better job of fleeing from materialism? Pursuing righteousness includes godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness (v.11).…

Choosing to Believe in Jesus

JOHN 12:37-46 As prophesied, many Jews chose not to believe in Jesus (v.37-40). How does ‘would not believe’ differ from ‘could not believe?’ What factors would lead to the choice of not believing in Christ? The prophets clearly declared a rejected Messiah (v.38; Isaiah 53:1). How does the context of Isaiah clearly declare Jesus as…