Christianity is Function Over Form

Matthew 23:23-28

  1. God wants to transform us from rigid rule keeping to righteousness (v.23).
    • Why does the form of righteousness not accomplish the function of righteousness?
    • How can we avoid the temptation to center in on forms rather than function?
  2. God wants to transform our perspective to see the big picture (v.24).
    • In what sense do Pharisees strain gnats and swallow camels?
    • How can we make sure that we are not blind to what is important?
  3. God doesn’t want externals. He longs to transform us from within (v.25-26).
    • What is wrong with doing righteous deeds to be seen by men?
    • How can God accomplish His transformation within our lives?
  4. God wants to transform us from appearing pure to being pure (v.27).
    • Why is the external appearance of purity insufficient?
    • How does internal purity have more to do with function than form?
  5. God wants to transform us from hypocrisy to genuine purity (v.28).
    • What is hypocritical about form keeping?
    • How can purity result from centering in on the function of following Jesus?

Lesson Aim: To prioritize our lives so that we are focused on the functions of righteous living and are not distracted by keeping forms.


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