The Messiah at the Well

  1. Jesus was impelled to be where He could bless a woman in need (v.4-8).
    • Why did Jesus have to go through Samaria?
    • What will motivate us to take similar detours?
  2. Jesus shared a spiritual message that applied to the situation (v.10,13).
    • What values will initiate spiritual conversations?
    • What compassion makes sure that our conversation applies to the heart?
  3. Jesus confronts sin and offers hope (v.16-18, 21-26).
    • What right or reason do we have to confront sin?
    • What hope can we share concerning true worship?
    • Why is the revealing of Christ so important?
  4. Jesus thrives on sharing the message with open hearts (v.31-38).
    • What feeds a Christian heart better than food?
    • How do we get a heart like that?
    • How diligently are we laboring for the harvest?
  5. Jesus is obviously the Savior of the world (v.39-42).
    • What brings people to Jesus?
    • What convinces them that He is the only Savior of the world?

Call to Action: To thirst for, hunger for and labor in the Lord’s harvest.


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